Black-Bellied Whistling Ducklings

It has been like, four years since I posted on the Puppy Blog, and five years since I posted on my bird blog.  We moved to McGregor, Texas (about 15-20 miles up Hwy 84 from our old house), and we have a slightly different set of birds here.  You wouldn’t think that little space would make such a difference, but we are on the edge of pastureland here, and we have some new additions and some that we haven’t seen since we moved. 

The video below is from outside my office (I still work in Waco) near downtown.  We see and hear the black-bellied whistling ducks pretty frequently down there, but this is the first duck family we have had the great pleasure of observing!  I just about died of cuteness, and I’m not prone to such things most of the time.



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