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Black-Bellied Whistling Duck Family
The video is from outside my ex-office near downtown Waco. We saw and heard black-bellied whistling ducks pretty frequently down there, but this was the first duck family we had the great pleasure of observing! I just about died of cuteness, and I’m not prone to such things most of the time.


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Ruby-throated hummingbirds flying and feeding in Waco, Texas

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More ruby-throated hummingbirds flying and feeding in Waco, Texas

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Mourning Dovelets Learning to Fly
Here’s what we did today… Our third brood of mourning doves this year fledged this weekend. Here’s the whole family working on flying and getting around the backyard.

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Bald Eagles Flying Over Waco, TX

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Cedar Waxwing Sounds
The high pitched peeping is the sound of a swarm of cedar waxwings. The birds you see flying around are probably chimney swifts.

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House Finch Song
I think the bird in the top of the tree was a mockingbird, but the video was made for the sounds of the house finch and cedar waxwings.  The house finch can be heard about 18 seconds in along with a loud, squawking Blue Jay.  The cedar waxwings can be heard through the second half of the video.  I was lucky enough to get them flying from one tree to another in a nice, tight flock, but not lucky enough to get a blue sky behind them, so it’s practically a greyscale video.  The bird songs are the main attraction here, anyway.

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